Monday, February 27, 2012

Role model?

As we made dinner tonight, Ava used an old non-working cell phone to carry on a long conversation about her day with an imaginary person, complete with updates on her meetings, her projects, her emails, and for some reason, extensive use of un-ironic air quotes. 4 year olds can be hilarious.

I do wonder though how she comes up with this stuff. I'll cop to modeling (unintentionally) the robust conversations on meetings and projects and such, but I am not a frequent air quotes abuser. "I swear."
"Riiight... Uh huh. Yeah, my mom's taking my picture AGAIN."
I can bet that I will be able to put together a montage of her in this pose over the next 12 years, assuming we'll still be using phones and not some mind-meld device for communicating.

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