Monday, June 20, 2011

Sports brand endorsement

This morning, getting the kids dressed, Ava said: I know these letters: N-I-K-E.
Me: What's that spell?
Ava: Daddy!
Me: Yeah, basically.
Seriously. We are a Nike family, thanks to my husband's 15+ years of basketball coaching and training, including being a Nike Skills Trainer, and his lifelong devotion to Nike apparel. And by devotion I mean not wearing any other sports apparel and owning more than 85 pairs of their shoes. That's the current count. He gave away at least 20 pristine pairs over the past couple years to nephews who've caught up to him in shoe size.

Given his choice of career, it's at least a fitting hobby/obsession and at least he uses them regularly. But I don't know the breakdown of "work/gym/training" shoes versus "stylin' and profilin'" ones. The gym ones never get worn outdoors, and vice versus. The kids have been similarly outfitted since birth, thanks to family and friends who know about J.'s Nike love.

If J. is tasked with buying the kids' clothes, it's simply a given that wardrobe updates will include new Nike athletic gear. If I say they're growing and need new shoes, new sneaks in the appropriate size appear, unless I specifically say that they need casual or dress shoes or sandals.

With the latest batch of sneakers, we discovered that petite, 3 1/2 year old Ava now wears the same size as solidly-built, 18 month old Dylan: size 8. Technically, he needs a 7.5, but as fast as he's growing, we needed some space in the toe and Ava is now sharing his new LeBron James edition high tops that Dad just bought. Crazy. And fortunately, Dylan doesn't care one way or another. Yet.

 If they're still wearing the same size in a few years (highly unlikely) I doubt they'll be as accommodating.