Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Ava's photoshoot!

This is from a couple weeks ago when I couldn't stomach the thought of figuring out how to find a photog and get myself and an almost-five month old across town to a photographer and time it so that she would be rested, fed, dry and in a good mood at an exact appointment time. Are there really mothers who can do that?! Wow. I'm SO not there yet. So we made do at home.

Note that meltdown shot above is before she ate...
and the smiley ones are right after. "Yeah, wonder where she gets that," J. remarked sarcastically, looking right at me. Okay, I admit that on occasion when I'm FAMISHED and he asks what I'd like to eat, I've been known to respond, "Food."
Oh little baby girl, you and I are going to have some GOOD times involving carbs some day. GOOD times. Trust me.