Thursday, October 15, 2009

Major project complete, rest ahead

Just over 48 hours after it was proposed, a big
media event I was tasked with organizing has taken place.

I worked the phonea and wrote many, many documents and e-mails to coordinate w/a cast of thousands behind the scenes to make it happen: reps from our county including two councilmembers, three cities, one govt. entity, attorneys and others.

In the end, the rain held off and it was a success! Lots of TV and radio coverage, great video and audio (why yes, driver of the loud, beeping backhoe/sandbag mover, it would be nice if you paused for six minutes while they speak. Thanks much!).
I'll be celebrating with a large, hot beverage as I head home to focus solely on my daughter instead of dividing my attention between her and my Blackberry for the first night this week. I know: the glamour overwhelms, doesn't it? ;-)
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