Sunday, February 14, 2010

Daddy - son bonding

We're at West Seattle's Cactus restaurant - one of our favorite spots. I like that it's kid-friendly, meaning that they automatically bring our toddler water in a lidded cup w/a straw and a coloring page w/crayons.

Conversely, I can always tell when a server at other eateries are not used to kids because they fill a tall, unstable water glass right next to the edge of the table and in easy tipping range of Ava. Sigh.

Just realized it's Valentine's Day. We don't partake, preferring to express our feelings at other random times during the year. As @babdbanana said on Twitter: Valentine's Day is simply a Hallmark tax on the married." Exactly, and since St. Valentine isn't doing audits, we'll pass.


  1. Congratulations on the new addition! Funny enough, I was just in Seattle, came back on Saturday. Gorgeous scenery, but the weather bit and I barely saw any other black folks :)

    Anyway, your kids are adorable. Enjoy that new baby!!

  2. Yes, blah weather is the norm this time of year, although the sun and some blue sky are breaking through as I type.

    Come back from June to September: that's when Seattle's weather rocks. ;-) I call them "amnesia days" because they're so beautiful they make you forget the rest of the year.

    Barely any black folks? Highly likely, depending on the area. We're only about 8% of the population around here, so finding critical mass takes some doing, unless you're at a professionals of color event or out in the suburbs, as more and more folks are being priced out of real estate in Seattle itself.

    Next time you're out this way, give me a shout and we can do beverages and touring the city.