Monday, January 25, 2010

Ballard Locks visit

The whole family headed out for "an adventure" today at the Ballard Locks. Everything, even trips to Home Depot for mundane items, sounds more exciting to Ava when described as "an adventure."

Not being up on my fish life cycles, I didn't realize they're not spawning and thus not moving through the locks this time of year. Somehow I've grown up here and not keyed in to this fact, even though it makes perfect sense. I'm just used to fish and seafood being a year-round thing here. Maybe in the grocery store but not in the wild.

Dylan was his usual mellow self and Ava enjoyed the trip, although she was a bit freaked out (as were Jason and I) by the narrow, slippery walkway over the rushing water from Lake Washington mixing with water from the Sound, which is visible in the picture.

We'll be back in the summer and fall when there are actual fish visible in the fish ladder.

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