Saturday, October 31, 2009

Saturday sushi

We hit a new sushi spot in Seattle's Columbia City neighborhood called Wabi Sabi. Affordable, filling and delicious.

Ava loved her edamame, miso soup and the kid's bento box. It had teriyaki chicken, rice and a small seaweed and cucumber salad.

Watching her sip out a glass without spilling, eating the pre-opened edemame and happily sipping her soup with little assistance or fanfare, Jason said, "Man, I don't think I could do that until I was about four."

Still, he nearly choked when she appeared on the verge of maneuvering a piece of chicken into her mouth with the chopsticks. Yeah, she's pretty good, but not THAT adept. We set her up with a fork and she was good to go, with more food in her mouth than on the table by meal's end.

I know it's just standard kid development, but it's very nice to be at a point where we're able to go out for a meal and she's pretty self-regulating.

Also, it's not like one description I read in pre-kid days that said good practice for going out with a kid was to take a wild goat to a store and pay for everything it ate or damaged. Thankfully, our goat is pretty civilized and rarely damages anything.

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