Saturday, May 02, 2009

Be the change you want to see

I saw this quote in Oprah’s magazine recently and it perfectly captures how I’ve felt since Ava arrived. 

“In bathrooms, boardrooms, buses, bagel shops, and everywhere, we all need to imagine a little girl following us around, repeating everything we say and everything we do. Think about all the things you want for yourself and your daughters, granddaughters, and girls everywhere – and teach them by living it yourself.” – Nell Merlino, entrepreneur, former union organizer, author

Wearing our fleece, sharing cereal on the kitchen floor while we look out at the sunny, but cold weather.


It's like having a little shadow following me around, copying what I do, how I do it and taking copious mental notes. It's inspiring and daunting at the same time. How do I prepare her for a future that will likely be dramatically different from what I've known? Think about the advances and changes of the past 80 years and try to imagine what the next 80 will look like.  It's mind-boggling but I want to get it as right as possible for her so she can adapt to whatever life throws her way.

What lessons do you hope kids today are getting from their parents or caregivers?

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